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Acid reflux can happen to anyone occasionally, but if you experience chronic indigestion, you likely have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Men and women in McKinney, Texas, who are suffering from chronic acid reflux can contact the team at Advanced Surgical of North Texas for surgical solutions to this uncomfortable condition. Call today or schedule your appointment online if conservative treatments for GERD have failed to help you find relief.

Reflux Surgery Q & A

What is acid reflux?

Acid reflux occurs when your esophageal sphincter malfunctions. This muscular ring connects the esophagus to the stomach. It opens to allow food to pass into the stomach and closes to prevent food and digestive juices from flowing back into your esophagus. When the esophageal sphincter is weak or damaged, it inadvertently allows acid and food back up into your throat, causing the familiar symptoms of indigestion and heartburn.

Chronic acid reflux means you suffer symptoms of heartburn and indigestion several times per week on the regular. While over-the-counter medications and prescriptions can manage mild-to-moderate acid reflux, some people find these treatments inadequate. If GERD goes untreated, you’re at risk of complications such as:

  • Esophagitis
  • Esophageal ulcers
  • Bleeding and scarring of the esophagus

The doctors at Advanced Surgical of North Texas evaluate you to determine if a surgical solution is best.

How does surgery help with acid reflux?

If you’re obese, your surgeon at Advanced Surgical of North Texas can perform weight-loss surgery to help you achieve a healthy weight and reduce instances of uncomfortable acid reflux. 

You many also benefit from surgery if your reflux is due to a hiatal hernia. This occurs when the top of the stomach pushes through a gap in the diaphragm. Surgery repairs this problem and restores more normal digestion.

Laparoscopic antireflux surgery is a minimally invasive technique that creates an effective valve mechanism at the bottom of the esophagus to prevent the acidic backflow. Other endoscopic and robotic procedures that help to control reflux have since evolved to be incisionless. These cutting-edge procedures are known as transoral fundoplication surgeries.

What is transoral incisionless fundoplication (TIF) surgery?

Dr. Chris Cottrell of Advanced Surgical of North Texas is one of a handful of surgeons in the Dallas area who performs transoral incisionless fundoplication surgery for acid reflux. He is also the most experienced in the area when it comes to this specialized procedure.

During a TIF procedure, Dr. Cottrell uses a specialized device through which he feeds an endoscope through your mouth and into your esophagus. He brings the bottom of the esophagus down slightly and wraps the top of the stomach around it and secures it with fasteners. This recreates your body’s natural valve barrier to reflux, and it’s done with a procedure that requires no incisions. 

TIF surgery offers the advantages of shorter treatment time, less pain, and faster recovery than traditional laparoscopic surgery. 

If you suffer from chronic acid reflux, contact the office of Advanced Surgical of North Texas to find out about the options for a surgical solution. Call today or schedule your appointment online. 


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